The Scoopika client package facilitates seamless communication between your client-side application and a Scoopika API Endpoint. This gives you access to use most of Scoopika’s functionalities on the client-side.


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Key features

  • Run agents and boxes on the client-side with real-time streaming hooks.

  • Equip your agent with custom functions as tools that are defined and executed on the client-side. The agent will call these tools when needed based on context. These actions, documented in client-side actions, enable your agebts to perform tasks directly within the user’s browser, such as simulating user interactions or manipulating the DOM.

  • Manage chat or history sessions directly from the client-side. create sessions for specific user ID, list user sessions, get session messages or runs, and delete sessions.

  • Easily implement a voice chat interface with agents, with built-in user voice recorder and real-time agent voice player.