This page is a beginner-friendly intro to AI agents and AI assistants in the scope of Scoopika.

What is an AI agent?

An AI agent is a software powered by a Large Language Models (LLM). They can automate processes, make decisions, and intelligently interact with users, other agents, and their environment. in simple terms, AI agents are LLMs on steroids.

Characteristics of AI agents

In Scoopika, AI agents are built on top of LLMs (large language models) at their core, with the following characteristics:

  • Multimodal: AI agents can accept text, images, and audio (and video soon), and response with text and audio in real-time.
  • Perform actions & fetch data: Agents can send HTTP requests to external APIs or call custom functions to perform actions or fetch data based on context.
  • Autonomy: AI agents can operate without human intervention, performing multi actions and automating tasks.
  • Interactive: AI agents can interact with human and other agents in a conversational way in real-time.

Building blocks of AI agents

  • LLM: Large language models are the core of AI agents, or you can say the brain.
  • Prompt: A set of instructions the agent will follow to achieve the expected behavior or tasks.
  • Tools: External APIs or functions that enable the agent to take actions or fetch needed data. Scoopika takes it to another level and lets developers define client-side actions, custom functions defined and executed safely on the client-side (user’s browser), that the agent can execute them in real-time allowing it to click buttons, write in inputs, or manipulating the DOM.
  • Voice: Agents can generate audio responses in real-time using TTS (text to speech) with a human voice. once LLMs get to a level where they can output audio without TTS Scoopika will adapt with it ASAP.

Scoopika’s mission

Scoopika is not built to help users create personalized AI agents to automate tasks, that’s never the project’s goal.

Scoopika’s mission is to make it easy for developers to create advanced customizable AI agents for their applications.