AI companies sush as OpenAI build LLMs (large language models) and provide access to them through their APIs.

in Scoopika, these AI companies are called providers. you can use a number of providers and LLMs with Scoopika, remember that each LLM has its set of capabilities, strengths, context window, and weaknesses.

In Scoopika, unlike some other platforms, we take a secure approach in using LLM providers, as you add your API keys on YOUR servers and never need to share them with us. see Scoopika on your servers guide to learn more.

Currently We support any LLM provider that’s compatible with OpenAI’s API, with support for more providers coming soon. if you need a provider that we don’t support yet, cotact us at

The LLM you use with Scoopika has to support function-calling and JSON mode, vision is optional.

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